Grapeseed Oil • Unrefined & Cold-pressed • 50 Ml


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Lavender Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil, Clear Jojoba Oil


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Unrefined Grapeseed Oil is the most loved oil in Hollywood due it’s amazing benefits such as toning skin, reducing appearance of dark spots, fine lines & wrinkles.  It is extracted from the seeds of grapes, and it has a thin, silky texture that helps skin retail moisture and increases it’s elasticity. It is also amazing for hair and keep your hair shiny & moisturized. 

Key Properties 

  • Use as carrier to your favorite essential oils and keep your skin soft, supple & hydrated.
  • Use as hair oil to keep strands and scalp hydrated & happy.
  • Use as a base oil for your hair oil blend.
  • Use directly on skin for quick hydrating.
  • Make yourself a hydrating body oil with Unrefined Grapeseed oil & your favorite essential oils.           
Blends well with

How to use Essential Oils?

  • Diffusion (in a ceramic diffuser or humidifier)
  • Application Bath/ Foot Soak Added to Bath Water
  • DIY Skincare Products
  • DIY Household cleaners
  • Inhalation
Make your own Aromatherapy Massage oil

30 Drops of Geranium Essential Oil
50 Ml Base Oil

Add 30 drops of the essential oil to a base of oil of your choice.
Shake well to blend.

Ingredients & Directions for use

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