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We offer a wide range of fresh, delicious, healthy, and organic food, grocery items, and everyday essentials. Our products include farm-fresh produce, artisanal groceries, and chemical-free household items.

Roots Market

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Home Care

Sustainable, Kid & Pet friendly

Healthy Snacks

pure & unadultrated

Personal Care

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Fresh Vegetables

Fresh Fruits

Dairy & Dairy-free


Free-range Eggs

Exotic Mushrooms

Natural Sweeteners

Rice, Millets & Quinoa

Beans & Dals

Spices & Seasonings

Stone-ground Flours


Recently Added

Healthy Snacking

Lip-smacking Hot Sauces

Authentic Taste • Gluten-free •  Preservative-free

Delicious, flavourful hot sauces made
with fresh-Indigenously grown ingredients.