Foxtail Millet Noodles

200 Gms • Gluten-free • No Maida


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Enjoy the benefits of ‘Positive Millets’ with SENSEFUL Foxtail Millet Noodles. Positive Millets have high dietary fibre and numerous health benefits. Especially Foxtail Millet is rich in Iron, Calcium & Vitamin B1.

These Noodle are Gluten-Free (Zero Maida & Zero Wheat), Non-Fried, Cholesterol Free & Trans-Fat Free. A perfect blend of Flavour, Taste & Purity.

Enjoy as Chowmein, Chopsuey, in a Salad, Soup, Pasta or Ramen.

Pair this Pasta with Sprig’s Pizza & Pasta Sauce.

All Gluten-free Millet noodles by Senseful Gourmet are available on pre-order at The Roots Natural and Organic Food Store, Adichini, South Delhi, Delhi, India. Visit us Today!

Ingredients & Directions for use

Ingredients: Foxtail, Cluster Bean Flour, Purified Water & Salt.

Be Gentle: Gluten-Free, Steamed & Baked Noodles, require gentle handling.

  1. 1. Boil the water with drops of oil & pinch of salt.2. Add the noodles, boil them Al dente for 2-3 mins.3. Drain water & keep the noodles aside.4. In a wok, add finely chopped ginger, garlic & green chillies.5. Add desired vegetables and/or chicken/shrimp.6. Stir fry on high heat.

    7. Add the noodles & salt to taste.

    8. Add Sauce of your choice.

    9. Toss the noodles well.

    10. Serve hot.

Tastes great with both Italian & Asian preparations and is a wonderful addition to your curries.

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