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Ashwagandha Extract Capsules • 650 mg

60 Capsules • Superherb Extract


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Ashwagandha is a natural relaxant, stress reliever, adrenal supplement (adaptogen), good for improving strength, immunity and known in Ayurveda for improving life expectancy.

Our Ashwagandha extract capsules have a concentrated content of the active compounds called Withanolides. Withanolides are known for their adaptogenic properties. Adaptogens are compounds that help manage stress levels, manage blood pressure, enable muscle growth, help in restoring sleep cycles, and also help in energy levels. Most brands make Ashwagandha extract that has 1.5% Withanolides. Our Ashwagandha extract capsules have 5% Withanolides; making them three and a half times more potent than other brands.

Benefits of Consuming Ashwagandha:

  • Adrenal support
  • Relieves stress
  • Builds immunity
  • Helps in managing hypertension
  • Good for low moods and depression
  • Good for low energy and fatigue
  • Good for improving strength
  • Helps in sleep
  • Excellent for building hairs, skin and nails


Madhya Earth’s ashwagandha comes from the organics sources and is extracted by the best methods yielding in the highest active Ingredient (5% witahnolide) fields of madhya pradesh, comes is completely organic and very effective  has high concentration of active compounds, no heavy metals and is highly effective and safe.

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Ingredients & Directions for use

Ingredients: Ashwagandha Root Extract

How to use: Take one capsule in the morning and one in the evening or as advised by your healthcare professional. For best results use for three months.

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