Mushroom Mix

Fresh & Locally Grown • 300 Gms


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Delivering 6 days a week,  Monday – Saturday.


An assortment of your favourite fungi based on how you’d like to #CookWithShroomery. Find the combo that completes your pantry via the dropdown menu.

Stir fry Favourites
Shiitake, Oyster, Black Fungus
To sautee and stir-fry for switching up your daily meals.

Grilling Goods
Portobello, King Trumpet
Meaty mates that you won’t get enough of.

Invitante Italian
Cremini + King trumpet
For your pastas, pizzas, and everything else delizioso.

Surprise Me
3 types of fungi – farmer’s choice!

Ingredients & Directions for use

100% Fresh Locally Grown Mushrooms

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