Shatavari • Women’s Wellness • 45 Servings


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Shatavari may be one of nature’s best-kept secrets with its endless benefits and ability to cure most physical and mental ailments. Shatavari has the strength, power, wisdom & infinite love to share with all she meets.

A women-friendly herb, it is the best hormone harmonizer. It regulates the menstrual cycle, provides relief from cramps, and is a boon for pre and post-menopausal. Shatavari relieves menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes.

Shatavari for Mental Health, as an adaptogenic herb, helps rejuvenate the body & mind, restoring balance to both the nervous & immune systems.

Shatavari, the queen of Ayurvedic Herbs is a powerful Rasāyana. Shatavari literally translates to “She who possesses a hundred husbands” or “curer of one hundred diseases”. Shatavari is fertile in essence & fertility is associated with youthfulness and abundant health

At Sātmya we have blended our pure Shatavari roots with a rich mix of kashmiri saffron, ceylon cinnamon and digestive herbs that go beautifully with it to bring to you a palatable, delicious concoction of a Rasayana herb that bestows energy and overall nourishment. With our farm made, all natural, fresh Shatavari powder, we wish to take a step closer to nature bringing the only best for you and your family.

Rasayana in Ayurvedic term refers to lengthening lifespans (longevity) rejuvenating &
invigorating the body. Rasāyanas promote strength & youthfulness. Contraindications For Taking Shatavari
Ayurveda does not recommend intaking Shatavari if there is high ama, or toxins, in the body. It is also contraindicated if one is experiencing a kapha imbalance or excess congestion. Being a member of the asparagus family, shatavari has a diuretic effect and should be used with caution for people who are taking diuretic medicine. Lastly, if one is sensitive to phytoestrogens or has an estrogen sensitive tumor, shatavari is also contraindicated. Please consult your doctor or qualified herbalist if you have questions about your health and how shatavari can benefit you.

Ingredients & Directions for use

Shatavari, Ceylon Cinnamon, Kashmiri Saffron, green cardamom, dry ginger, fennel seeds and nutmegBoil 1/2 tspn in milk for a soothing bedtime drink. Do not strain! Or take 1/2 tsp with water or dairy free milk.

Note: Consumption of Shatavari must be avoided in any kind of cancer, tumor, excessive menstrual bleeding and in cases of no hormonal imbalance.

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