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Advait Living is back this Holi to bring forth ancient traditions but with style and elegance!

Our Chandan Holi Hamper is conceptualized to retell powerful ancient traditions. Even amid the lively celebration of colours, sandalwood maintains its significance.

People apply chandan tilak (sandalwood paste) on each other’s foreheads, fostering a sense of unity and spiritual connection amidst the festive revelry. The placement of the tilak is of utmost importance. The ‘Ajna Chakra’ (or the third eye chakra) is acknowledged as a crucial nerve centre. Applying a tilak on this point is thought to prevent energy depletion and improve concentration by preserving that energy. The tilak also functions as a shield of positivity. The Ajna Chakra, also symbolizes our subconscious. It is commonly believed that negative energy, in the form of negative thoughts, enters our body through this Chakra. By applying a tilak, we can obstruct the influx of negative energy into our mind, body, or soul.

Our Chandan hamper is an ode to powerful traditions that connect us to the divine.

Chandan Potli

Inside the basket is an elegant and traditional potli with a 60 gm packet of chandan powder. The pure Chandan powder inside the traditional beautiful cloth potli is the star of the hamper. The cloth potli is handcrafted and exquisitely designed to house the fresh chandan.

Premium Holi Organic Gulals

Premium Holi Organic Gulals, made with flowers, herbs and vegetables come in a set of four paste shades – pastel pink, bright yellow, sky blue and tangy orange. 

Premium Holi Liquid Colours

100% Natural Holi water colours come in a set of two colours: tesu (yellow) and majith (pink). None of our products include synthetic dyes or harsh chemicals and hence come in soft, pastel shades.

Sustainable Organizer Basket

The handmade sutli basket is made from sustainable materials like MDF, jute ropes and cotton cloth, and is completely sustainable and plastic-free.

  • Dimensions of Basket: 8” x 8” x 3.5”
  • Basket Color: Mustard Yellow

Our beautiful Hamper Basket is made with sustainable materials including mdf board, jute and cotton fabric. The traditional Potli holds the chandan powder (60 gms) for all the greetings and welcomes.

Our Chandan Holi Hamper contains

  1. Premium Organic Holi Gulals 400 GMS
  2. 100% Natural Holi Liquid Colours 200 ML
  3. Traditional Beautiful Cloth Potli with Chandan (60GMS)
  4. Handmade Sutli Mustard Organiser Basket

Ingredients & Directions for use

Premium Organic Gulals: 100% natural and eco-friendly ingredients

  • Blush Pink: Rose petals, beetroot and rose water.
  • Bright Yellow: Marigold flowers & turmeric & essential oils.
  • Sky Blue: Orchid flowers, and natural indigo & essential oils.
  • Tangy Orange: Tesu flower, raw turmeric, beetroot, rose and essential oils.

    Our base is arrowroot starch and wheat flour.

Liquid Watercolors

Tesu: Tesu flowers, marigold flowers and turmeric extracts only
Majith: Majith plant, rose petals and beetroot extracts only

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