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What is holi without THANDAI…the joyful, fun vibe of this festival is incomplete without THANDAI.

A traditional drink made from dry nuts, seeds and spice mix that is so refreshing and just perfect to pep up your holi celebration.

Our thandai kit would bring you back the memories of your childhood with its rich authentic flavour and delightful aroma.

Powered with the goodness of dry fruits, seeds, spices, kesar and fragrant rose petals, our ready to use thandai powder has no added sugar and makes 5-6 glasses of this delicious summer drink.

This DIY kit has our ready to use thandai powder paired with our sunbaked spiced honey gulkand and single flora raw honey for some sweeter notes this festive season. 

Use this kit to make thandai the way you want to flavour it.

Whether you go for the traditional saffron thandai or flavour it with honey and gulkand to enjoy honey gulkand thandai, this kit is a fun way to experiment and flavour your thandai as per your taste buds.

So you can use these items together to prepare delicious and authentic thandai or individually as per your choice.

Get set to beat the summer heat this holi with this thandai kit! 

What does the kit contain-

  1. 100% Natural Thandai Powder- 60 gms
  2. Spiced Honey Gulkand- 100 gms
  3. Single Flora Raw Honey- 125 gms


Natural Unsweetened Thandai Powder: Our ready to use thandai powder is prepared using the traditional ayurvedic recipe to bring back the authentic flavour we associate with holi thandai. Made by slow grinding of nuts (almonds, cashew, pistachios), seeds (watermelon seeds, muskmelon seeds, poppy seeds) spices (Kali mirch, elaichi, saunf), kesar & rose petals, our thandai powder is 100% natural with no additives and zero added sugar.

Enjoy it with family and friends to make your holi celebration a memorable one.

Spiced Honey Gulkand: Our spiced honey gulkand is prepared using desi rose petals blended with rock sugar and sunbaked for about 30-40 days. To enhance the flavour we have also added raw honey, fresh desi betel leaves and spices like kesar, elaichi and saunf which together add to the flavour and the nutritional value.

Single Flora Raw Honey: Our single flora raw honey is a concentrated flower nectar in its original and purest form. Every batch has a distinct taste, flavour, texture and contingency and comes from a single geographically identifiable field in India. Our honey is never heated. This ensures that each jar of honey is full of its natural minerals, vitamins, pollen & enzymes making it a ‘nectar of the gods!’

How to use the kit-

  1. Take out all three products from the box.
  2. In a pan boil 200ml of milk.
  3. Add 2 teaspoon of thandai powder to the milk. Whisk it well. Let the milk cool.
  4. Pour the thandai in a glass.
  5. Add 1 spoon of spiced honey gulkand.
  6. Top it off with raw honey to sweeten the drink as desired.
  7. Garnish with ice cubes. Serve chilled.

Serving (one kit): Serves 5-6 glasses of traditional authentic thandai.


How to store: Store the items of the kit in a cool, dry place. Use them together or separately as per the requirement.

Health Benefits:


  • AIDS DIGESTION AND ACT AS A COOLANT- The fennel seeds (saunf) present in it have anti- inflammatory properties that keeps the body cool during summers and are good for the digestive system. Along with the fennel seeds, the rose petals too have a cooling effect on the body and aids digestion.
  • ENERGY AND IMMUNITY BOOSTER- The nuts present act as an energy booster during summers. The spices present in our thandai powder act as immunity boosters. The poppy seeds present too are a rich source of calcium, protein, fat, fibre and minerals thus being good for the immune system.
  • NATURAL DETOXIFIER- Cardamom present in thandai powder makes it a natural detoxifier and helps in fighting infection. It is especially helpful to cure nausea and vomiting.
  • CURES CONSTIPATION- The poppy seeds present in this thandai powder help in relieving gastrointestinal irritation and cure constipation.



Ayurvedic Remedy

  • AIDS IN DIGESTION: It aids digestion as it is packed with dietary fibre and is a natural  carminative. It naturally reduces acidity and chest burning. 
  • ACTS AS A COOLANT: Rose petals are natural coolants. Gulkand reduces excess heat from the body and removes lethargy, reduces fatigue and prevents sunburn. Common nosebleeds (in summers) for kids can also be treated with Gulkand.
  • BENEFICIAL FOR SKIN: Gulkand is a powerful antioxidant and can detoxify the body. Rose petals, Raw Honey and Kesar help rejuvenate the skin and can reduce acne, pimples and blemishes. Gulkand has natural anti-inflammatory properties and also reduces bacterial growth due to the presence of citronellol, geraniol and nerol that have anti-microbial properties.

Gulkand is an excellent alternative to sugary-based mixes for milk. Children will love it as well. Adults can consume it as a dessert or mouth freshener!

Raw Honey:

  • RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS- Loaded with antioxidants like polyphenols that have anti inflammatory effects. The antioxidants protects the body from cell damage due to free radicals.
  • RICH IN MICRONUTRIENTS- Packed with micronutrients like calcium, magnesium, manganese, amino acids and enzymes.
  • ANTI BACTERIAL AND ANTI FUNGAL- Propolis in raw honey has anti bacterial and anti fungal property.
  • AIDS DIGESTION- Nourishes the good bacteria thereby aiding digestion.
  • GOOD FOR SORE THROAT- Soothes a sore throat and cough when taken with warm water.

Sustainable Packaging-

 In keeping with our promise to co-exist with nature our DIY thandai kit comes in sustainable packaging with 100% recyclable packaging material.

Our thandai powder, spiced honey gulkand and raw honey come in small glass bottles which can be washed and used to store anything once the contents inside get over.

Our outer box is made with 100% recycled kraft paper box and is shipped plastic-free across India.

Ingredients & Directions for use

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