Tamari • 170 Gms • Gluten-free


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Vegan Tamari Soy Sauce

Fermented • Vegan • Gluten-free

We’ve all seen and heard of Soy Sauce. But what if you’re not into the sweetened versions? What if you want a refined, umami-laden punch? Well, here’s your new best friend.

Sprig’s Naturally Brewed Tamari Soy Sauce is gluten-free and contains no wheat (which is what gives most Soy Sauces their sweetness).

Tamari is a concoction of Soybeans and Miso Paste – which undergoes fermentation like other Soy Sauces but with no added wheat. This pristine icon of Japanese cuisine will take your taste buds on a truly immersive experience of the culture.

Pair it with your favorite snack or opt for something more traditional – either way, this gluten-free dark sauce won’t let you down.

Use it to marinate tempeh or paneer

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