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Peach Hot Sauce

180 Gms • Perfect Marinate


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If you are looking for a Hot Sauce with a punch of peaches, you are going to LOVE our Hot Peaches Sauce! It’s a perfect hot sauce that is sweet, peachy and spicy!!

Hot Peach Sauce is made with fresh peaches, chillies, garlic, vinegar and sugar. It has a delicious flavor that balances the sweetness of the peaches with the heat of the chillies. 

Hot Peach Sauce sauce can be used in many ways. You can use it as a dip for chips, nuggets, wings or cheese. You can use it as a marinade for chicken, pork, fish or tofu. You can use it as a salad dressing for greens, fruits or grains. You can use it as a salsa for tacos, burritos or nachos. You can even use it as a dessert topping for ice cream, cake or cheesecake!

Hot Peach Sauce is a sauce that will brighten up your dishes and make you smile.

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Ingredients & Directions for use

Ingredients: Fresh Peach Juice, Vinegar, Sugar, Garlic, Red Chilli & Salt

How to use: As a Dip, Marinate, Salsa or Salad Dressing

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