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Vegan Sausage • Pork Flavoured

250 Gms • Dairy-free • Easy to Cook


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One of Blue Tribes’s Flagship products that contains no soy, these Vegan Sausages are made out of the protein powered goodness of peas. It’s all green, all healthy, all approved by the planet. Zero cholesterol, no animal meat. Let’s just say we are taking the guilt out of
pigging out.

Ingredients & Directions for use

How to use: Cooks exactly like Pork Sausage:Thaw package in the refrigerator at 6 – 8 degrees C. Fry sausage in a pan with little oil or put in warm water (60 – 65 degrees Celsius) for 2 minutes. Can also be grilled or heated in a microwave.

Frequently Asked Questions