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Organic Pasta Seasoning

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  • Enhance your pasta creations with the delightful flavors of Milagro Farm Company’s organic pasta seasoning.
  • Suitable for various pasta types, sauces, and Italian-inspired recipes, offering culinary versatility.
  • Milagro Farm Company’s Pasta Seasoning is free from chemicals, additives, Preservatives and MSG, ensuring a pure and wholesome product.
  • Catering to dietary restrictions, it’s gluten-free, vegan, safe for children and allergen-friendly, making it accessible to all for savoring its delightful flavor.
  • Crafted with the finest organic herbs and spices, ensuring a premium and wholesome experience.
  • A perfect blend of aromatic ingredients that add depth and richness to your pasta dishes.
  • Expertly curated by our team of passionate food enthusiasts, ensuring the highest quality and authentic flavors.
  • Join the pasta revolution and savor the delightful magic of our organic pasta seasoning in your kitchen.
  • We take pride in sourcing our organic ingredients from trusted farms committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Your purchase supports responsible agriculture.
  • Trust in our dedication to quality and flavor to make your pasta creations extraordinary.


All Products by Milagro Farm Company are available at The Roots Natural and Organic Food Store, Adichini, South Delhi, Delhi, India. Visit us Today!

Ingredients & Directions for use


How to use: Perfectly season your pasta, soups, sautéed vegetables & more

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