Hemp Seed Powder-100Gms


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HIMALAYAN HEMP POWDER is grounded hemp (Vijaya) seeds rich in edestin protein and dietary fibres. It helps build lean muscles, improve gut health & boost healthy metabolism. Your search for an ethical plant-based source of protein ends here! Made from raw hemp seeds this is a 100% plant-based protein with the ability to provide you with a wholesome source of nutrition. An easily adaptable product, Hemp seed powder will blend perfectly with all your meals. Hemp seed powder is a great way to boost your meals with the goodness of hemp. Kickstart your days with a super nutritious hemp smoothie or hemp paratha, or bake some homemade hemp bread. All it takes is a spoonful or two of Hemp seed powder to add an extra punch of nutrition to all your meals.

Ingredients & Directions for use

How to Use: Mix a scoop or two with any dough, juices, smoothies, batters, porridge. Use as a protein supplement for post workout smoothies/shakes/juices. Or add as a booster to your favourite gravies, dough or dessert batters. Use 20g – 25g (1-2 tablespoons) per day.Ingredients: Grounded whole hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) seeds.

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