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Focus Kombucha • 250 Ml


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Meet Focus – India’s 1st adaptogenic kombucha made by BHU with fresh Lion’s Mane grown at our farm.

Light-bodied with the earthiness of sweet summer rain, with lion’s mane, beetroot, carrot and ginger.

Used for both culinary and medicinal purposes, Lion’s mane mushrooms are big, shaggy white mushrooms that develop to resemble a lion’s mane. They are often compared to crab or lobster for their flavour and are known to have positive benefits for digestive tracts, diabetic symptoms as well as improved mental performance.
With roots in traditional Chinese medicine, Lion’s mane mushroom has powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immuno-stimulant properties, and is known to increase BDNF levels, a protein that supports brain health. This incredible ability to stimulate the growth of brain cells gives this humble nootropic shroom the potential power to protect our neural health, improve mood and boost focus – all the good stuff, none of the nasties.

Ingredients & Directions for use

Ingredients: Organic green tea, sulphur-less sugar, carrot, beetroot, ginger and lion’s mane.

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