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Bael Ka Sharbaat

350 Ml • Summer Drink • Ready to Use


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Bale is a popular summer fruit. Many people like this fruit whereas there are many people who do not like this fruit.

The outer surface of this fruit is very hard. That is why it is also called bel pathar (stone). It is very nutritious too. It helps to control body temperature during summer days.

Benefits of Bail Ka Sharbat (Wood Apple)

It has many nutritious values as well as medicinal values of wood apple. It contains many vitamins as well as minerals. But traditionally we are often consume this fruit for various purposes.

  • It is often consume during summer days because it is said that it helps us to feel refresh and maintain body temperature.
  • Whenever anybody has constipation or digestion problem in the family. It becomes a regular fruit for at least next 2-3 days. It is said that it helps in digestion.
  • If anybody has any kidney or lever issues, senior people of the family advise him/her to eat wood apple. It is said that it remove toxins from blood.
  • Traditionally it is consumed by the people who are suffering from diabetes.

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Ingredients & Directions for use

Ingredients: Bel, Sugar, Rock Salt, Lemon

How to Use: Mix 50 ml of Bel concentrate with 150 ml chilled water to make the best Health drink for summers

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