Liquid Holi Colours • 2 x 100 ml


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100% Natural & Organic Liquid Holi Colours made from Flowers and Vegetables. 

Advait Living’s Holi Colour brings back tradition to your holi. Made with flowers and vegetables, these water colours are 100% safe for you, your children and the earth.

How are these Liquid Holi Colours made?

Made traditionally with 100% edible agricultural produce, flowers and vegetables only. Pack of 2 contains:

  • Tesu: Made with Tesu, Marigold Flowers and Turmeric extracts
  • Majith: Made with majith plant, rose petals and beetroot extracts only

What makes these safe for children to play with?

Your safety and Joy matters to us. These water colours contains no chemicals, no talcum, no asbestos or silica.

How to us them?

  • Mix one bottle in 1 bucket of water to get 100%  natural water colour for Holi.

Plastic-free packaging: Our commitment to sustainability remains strong. This is 100% plastic-free product. Water colours come in cute glass bottles (that can be reused several times). Our outer box is made with 100% recycled kraft paper box and the sleeve is made of paper. The box is shipped plastic-free across India.

Additional information

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Advait Living


Pack of 2

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No exchnage, Non-Returnable


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