Bamboo Cleaning Towels • Reusable & All Purpose


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Economical and Eco-friendly Bamboo All Purpose cleaning towels that are washable and reusable upto 100 times. 1 Roll replaces a year’s supply of cleaning cloth.

  • WHY MAKE THE SWITCH ?Traditional Paper Kitchen Towels are made by cutting hardwood trees and as a result, the industry is devastating our forests and the planet. We are proud of the fact that 0 trees were cut to make Reflekt Bamboo Kitchen Towels.
  • WHY BAMBOO ? Bamboo benefits both you and the environment and is rightly called “the world’s most sustainable material”. Firstly it’s a grass, not a tree. It grows up to 4 Feet in a day, requires no fertiliser and self regenerates.
    Moreover, it produces 35% more oxygen and absorbs 5X more CO2 than similar trees. Need we say more ?
  • WASHABLE AND REUSABLE: Each Bamboo Kitchen Towel Roll consists of 20 perforated towels. Each towel can be washed up to 100 times. Use the towel for cleaning surfaces, soaking oil from food, lining of containers, etc.
  • SUPER STRONG AND ABSORBENT:Each towel can soak up to 20 times its weight. Perfect for cleaning liquids and dust from surfaces and soaking oil from food. Lift 10 Kgs of weight with one towel with no worry of tearing.
  • CHEMICAL FREE: The Towels are hypoallergenic and free from harsh chemicals like Paraben, BPA and chlorine.
  • SAVE MONEY,SPACE AND EARTH: 1 Roll of 20 towels replaces 200 ordinary paper kitchen towels due to its ability to wash and reuse. Save thousands of rupees, precious space at home and the Earth by making this small change.
  • ZERO WASTE AND ECO FRIENDLY PACKAGING: 100% plastic free and durable packaging. Use the beautiful strong paper tube packaging as a kitchen container once sheets are over

  • Machine Wash and Hand Wash like a regular cloth towel


1. Towels made of Bamboo instead of wood pulp which saves cutting of trees
2. 1 Roll replaces one year supply of paper towels and cleaning cloth
3. 100% Plastic free packaging

Ingredients & Directions for use

Tear one towel from the roll. Clean liquid spills and multiple surfaces. Reuse by Machine or Hand washing each towel up to 100 times

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