Organic Cinnamon Quills (Ceylon)


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Native to Srilanka and the southern parts of India, Ceylon cinnamon is a tan-brown coloured spice with a warm but mild taste. It is tough to tell it apart from Cassia in powder form but the Ceylon variety has a distinct texture as it forms multiple layers in it's stick form. Also known as true cinnamon, Green Sense's organic Ceylon cinnamon can transform your dishes from mundane to masterpieces.nnHealth Benefits:nThe Ceylon cinnamon tree's bark has long been used for making medicines. It helps with diabetes and decreases resistance to insulin. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is also used to manage indigestion, cholesterol, and obesity.nnUsage:nCeylon cinnamon is used extensively as a cooking spice. It has a starkly different taste compared to the Cassia variety which is stronger and spicier. Ceylon cinnamon has a delicate flavour and mild aroma suitable for desserts, teas, and savoury dishes.nIt is also used in medical supplements.nnDid you Know:nSrilanka cultivates 80-90% of the world's Ceylon cinnamon.


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