Nutriorg Castor Oil Soft Gel 60 Capsules Bottle

60. Supplement capsule


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Nutriorg Castor Oil Gel Capsule (500 mg) is extracted from entirely organic cold pressed certified castor seeds. The capsules are made from the finest castor seeds which are cultivated across in certified organic farms. Nutriorg’s Castor Oil Gel Capsules are hexane-free. The unrefined castor oil capsules can provide benefits for the face and skin. Cold pressed hexane-free castor oil helps in detoxification, thus aids building a strong immunity. It helps in improving the digestive system. One of the best known traits of castor is its natural laxative properties. It thus helps in constipation related problems. It improves the bowel system thus improving health conditions overall. It is a very good deep moisturizer for the skin. Due to its deep moisturization it heals wounds very easily. Castor Oil possesses impressive anti-inflammatory properties as well. It is renowned for maintenance of hair and scalp heath.

Ingredients & Directions for use

Ingredients: How to use:

    •Consume the Nutriorg Castor Oil Soft Gel (500 mg) twice a day.
    •Intake preferably in the Morning and Evening.
    •Consume the capsule post meal.

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