Nutriorg Basil Seeds 150g

150gm seed


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Nutriorg Raw Basil seeds, also known as sabja, Falooda or Tukmaria seeds, are known to have been used traditionally in Ayurvedic and Chinese medication. In the past few years, because of the wide range of health benefits it offers, Edible Basil seeds have started gaining attention and popularity in the West too. Basil seeds for weight management have started gaining more popularity in recent times because of their high dietary fibre content.

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Ingredients: How to use:

    In You can enjoy Sabja or Basil Seeds with Rooh afza, milkshake, Indian lemonade, paan gulkand milkshake, strawberry falooda, mango falooda, mango sherbet, rose milk recipe, nimbu panni, Shikanji, nannari sharbat, bel sharbat, etc.

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