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Millet & Chia Protein Bar

5 Pcs • Gluten Free • Vegan


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Made in a facility that processes nuts.


No Added Sugar • No Added Preservatives • Vegan• Gluten Free • Protein Rich • Omega Rich

These Pre-Wokout/ Morning tea or coffee companion bars are all-natural n highly nutritious. These energy bars are a great combination of Protein n Omega and are Vegan and Gluten free. They are made with a great combination of Millet Flakes, seeds (pumpkin/flax/sunflower/watermelon/chia/sesame) almonds & bound together with jaggery . This energy bar is free from all added preservatives & additives such as artificial colors & flavours or genetically modified ingredients. One of our best sellers this bar is enjoyed by all age groups and makes a great gift too.

Ingredients & Directions for use

Ingredients: Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds, Flax seeds, White and black sesame seeds, Chia seeds, Watermelon seeds, Almonds, Ragi Flakes, Jaggery.

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