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The dark green colour Khus sherbet was a drink available to us in the summers in North India before the coke invasion (aerated drinks). After the coke invasion of the 70’s Coke/Fanta became the main summer drinks to be served to guests or for the children of the house to have through-out the year and traditional Indian summer drinks started fading away. With the revival of traditional food items during the corona pandemic we started searching for Indian summer drinks and to our great surprise found that the Khus sherbet was not supposed to be green and it just had added Colors. So what we were having was coloured sugar sweetened water. This made us decide to go back and hunt for the original recipe of Khus. What is khus – khus (Vetiveria Zizanoida) is beautifully fragrant cooling herb. These perennial grasses have a lovely aroma and are mentioned in ancient Indian texts on Ayurveda for its cooling and healing properties. Made using desi khand and no Colors.


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