Italian herb and Spice seasoning- Himalayn gourmet seasoning mix


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Earthy & lightly sweet with warm peppery undertones, Thyme is a staple herb in cuisines of the Mediterranean. Himalayan Thyme from Jugmug Thela is grown at an altitude of 6000 ft in the Indian Himalayas. Organically cultivated, our Thyme are shade-dried, handpicked and packed in whole leaf form to ensure maximum natural aroma and taste. Thyme adds depth to the overall flavor profile of a dish, with a lightness that is often only detectable to the most sophisticated of palates or when it is used in large amounts. Used in many Sauces, Soups, Marinades & Garnishes; Thyme is most commonly found in Pasta & Pizza sauces. Features and Benefits: 1. Handpicked, shade dried in whole form which retains maximum aroma and flavor. 2. A culinary herb good for garnishing. 3. Thyme is said to have medicinal property against cold and cough when taken as tea. 4. Also used in soups and stews.


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