haldi / tumeric powder

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Haldi is a tuber and grows below the ground; this is a shade loving plant and needs a cover of big leaves during the germination stage. This crop is secure from attacks by Pest or Insects. Cow Dung is used for fertilization. The risk in this spice is adulteration and coloring at the powdering stage.Two ways to check this:
: The smell
: The Alkaline Test
Mix Haldi in Alkaline water. If Haldi turns yellow it is pure and if it turns red it is impure.
If no alkaline water is available you can still test Haldi by using litmus paper. Mix haldi in water and insert litmus paper. If it turns red, you know you are not eating right. Haldi color may vary from yellow to orangish depending on the harvest. We donot add any color to our spices so the color may vary from one batch to the other.


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