Farm-style mild cheddar with fenugreek & garlic


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Vegetarian | Preservative-free | No- artificial colours 

Handmade in the Central Himalayan region, near Mukteshwar, at an altitude of 6,500 feet above sea level. 

Cheddar is a cheese that needs little introduction as it is possibly one of the most commonly used cheeses in Indian households. The cheese can be used as a topping on any dish that needs to be gratinated in an oven, a grilled cheese sandwich, mac n cheese and also to add that extra flavour to your sauces. The cheese melts with a slightly stringy texture and a deep rich aroma. It can also be had by itself, or on a cheese platter accompanied with a nice glass of wine. Our cheese makers recommend to use this cheese at the very end of making your dish as heating the cheese can considerably reduce the flavour.


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