Extra Virgin Organic Coconut oil


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Made from the goodness of the highest quality fresh coconuts, Extra Virgin Organic Coconut oil by Greensense is a powerhouse of well-being and epitome of goodness. Unlike other brands, we use the fresh meat of mature coconut and not the dried coconuts to juice out our oil. We extract our oils by using traditional cold pressing methods without adding any additional chemicals or harmful solvents. A natural superfood, coconuts are full of many minerals and nutrients.
n*Endowed with healthy saturated fats, the oil works wonders for your heart.
n*Consumption of the healthy saturated fats goes straight to the liver, where they turn into a quick source of energy.
n*A valuable oil, it is suitable for roasting, baking and even frying.
n*Use as a hair mask for silky hair.
n*Oil pulling for excellent dental hygiene.
nQuantity: 1L
nShelf life: 365 days


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