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Here is a bundle for all coconut lovers. A combo of 3 Vegan Coconut Butters by Butters & More.

All natural coconut Butter: Single ingredient Nut Butter made using 100% Coconut. Keto & Diabetic Friendly

Coconut Butter w. Real Blueberries: A uniquely delicious combination of Coconuts & Real Blueberries.No artificial flavours or colours.

Coconut Butter w. Natural Vanilla & Jaggery: Creamy Coconut Butter flavoured with natural vanilla extract & organic palm jaggery.

All our butters are completely natural & Vegan. No Artificial Flavours or Colours No Preservatives or Emulsifiers. Perfect way to flavour your smoothies, salads, granola, milkshakes, pancakes etc. If you're craving something sweet one spoon of these butters will sort you out.

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