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A fermented, naturally carbonated and fizzy beverage commonly intended as a functional beverage because of the health benefits it has to o er. The base ingredients of the product are tea, water, and sugar which is fermented by a Symbiotic Culture of Yeast and Bacteria called the SCOBY. It’s a very old age drink dating back to 221 BC in China referred to as elixir Tea.

Why should we drink Kombucha?

One should drink this gut-healthy, tasty, fragrant and refreshing drink daily because the benefits of drinking this elixir are extensive and varied:

  • Vitamin B complex provides energy when you go about your daily life.
  • It contains probiotics and enzymes to aid with digestive health and smoothens the progress of digestion.
  • Along with digestive health, kombucha develops the immune system with microflora.
  • This gives the body an uplifting jolt of energy and alleviates stress as you go about your daily routine.
  • One of the components of organic acid is Glucuronic acid which helps in detoxification of the body.

Krishi Cress Kombucha ++

Roop, Rang, Swad, Mushk & Gun - Translated - Form, Colour, Taste, Scent & Nutrition. Hand-blended with ingredients grown at the Krishi Cress farms. The blend master keeps in mind ‘Gun’ as the primary aim. We make an effort to synergistically combine the health benefits of plant-based nutrition along with the goodness of Kombucha. It is an effort to make consumers choose food based on their body requirements.

Ingredients | Filtered Water, Ginger, Dandelion Root, Okra, Black Tea, Sulphur-less Sugar & Kombucha Culture.

Benefits of Cleanse Kombucha:

  • Borage helps in "blood purification," which prevents inflammation of the lungs. Japanese mint is used for respiratory ailments, including asthma and congestion.

Pairs well with a bowl full of salad.

Learn more about how this naturally fizzy drink can benefit you can the precautions you must take while consuming it.


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